This Short Film Makes Our Addiction To Streaming Look Scary (And Ridiculous)

 August 02, 2017

WHAT: A new short film from British telecom Three UK.


WHO: Three UK, Gravity Road.

WHY WE CARE: If I wanted to sell you a product, any product, chances are my first instinct wouldn’t be to tell you a story that highlights the downside or perils of using that product. Not many car ads, for example, talk about accident stats (except for that one time). That’s what makes this new short film from Three UK so interesting.

“Streaming Consciousness” takes us inside a goofy group meeting that appears to equate mindfulness with the sheer amount of video content you can stream into your eyeballs at any given time. The mantra, echoing Portlandia‘s classic Battlestar Galactica sketch, is “Watch one more.”

Why would anyone want to join this sad, screen-addicted troupe? Or perhaps our sense of irony is so well-tuned we can admit to our own defeat to the powers of never-ending content that seeing a worst case scenario will just make us smile, rather than recoil in horror. That’s what Three UK is banking on. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge. But before you know it, you’ll be the one missing your flight to squeeze in that next episode of Glow.JB

It’s also a bizarre ad for telecom Three UK’s unlimited data plan.

WHAT: A new short film from British telecom Three UK.



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