This viral Twitter meme hilariously captures how 2020 has destroyed all your plans

By Joe Berkowitz

The old Yiddish proverb goes, “Man plans, and God laughs.”

Considering the sheer carnage wrought upon just about every living person’s plans for 2020, God must be laughing Their ass off constantly these days.

So many weddings happening over Zoom. The very idea of a honeymoon just canceled indefinitely. And wave goodbye to any pair of tickets you may have purchased to any event whatsoever.

There’s pretty much nothing inherently funny about all the dashed dreams of 2020. So leave it to bored Twitter users to invent some.

The “My plans/2020” meme has been galvanizing in popularity over the past few quarantined days. Users find two corresponding images from a movie, show, or real life, with the second one embodying the hurricane-like destructive power of this hellish year.

Enjoying this meme requires a certain amount of pop-culture history.

You have to know, for instance, the plot of the movie Amadeus.

Or the denouement of the movie My Girl.

Or have seen just the trailer for the movie Ma.

You have to have seen wholly deserving best picture winner Parasite.

You have to have a working knowledge of the film Melancholia.

And remember the ending of Selena.

Director Josh Trank wants you to know that 2020 in no way interfered with his plans to release an Al Capone movie starring Tom Hardy.

And you definitely have to have seen the most recent Little Women.

Some Twitterers drew from TV shows instead of movies.

To get those takes on the form, you have to have seen that episode of Mad Men.

And you have to have seen Game of Thrones.

And finally, you have to know some things about music, such as the arc of Billy Joel’s development.

And, finally, what the advent of grunge did to hair metal.

What has 2020 done to your plans? Let us know in meme form on Twitter.

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