Uber just released some glossy growth metrics, but it still has no CEO

Uber’s rides and revenue are up, up, up, according to new metrics reported by Axios. Bookings were up 17% from last quarter and the ride-hail company’s net loss shrunk 14% year-over-year. Here are the numbers:

Gross bookings: $8.7 billion
Adjusted net revenue: $1.75 billion
Adjusted net loss $645 million

If these metrics seem rosy, they are, especially for a company that’s seen more eye-roll-worthy drama than a Coen brothers film lately. This is the benefit of being a privately held company: You have the option of releasing numbers you want, when and if you want. No doubt Uber, with its vacant CEO post and fractured board, is keen to “stamp out anything that is a remnant of the past,” as its chief human resources officer told me in June.

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