Vimeo Now Allows Simultaneous Uploading of Videos on Sites

— February 16, 2018

Vimeo Now Allows Simultaneous Uploading of Videos on Sites |

Vimeo has come out with two new features that, as the video platform claims, would “simplify your distribution workflow, and help your videos succeed out in the wild.”

Vimeo announced the rollout of the features on Wednesday.

For uploaded videos, you can now publish videos as native social posts. And for live events, you can now live stream simultaneously across multiple social platforms. Together, these updates give creators a central hub for managing and distributing their videos,” Vimeo said.

How Streaming to Social Works

Vimeo said that for a user to create an event, he or he should start from the Videos page and to set up streaming within a live event’s settings, a user can go to the Social tab to connect to his or her other social network accounts.

Shift in Business

TechCrunch noted that the new features are introduced just as Vimeo has been re-establishing itself “from being a destination site for video content, like YouTube, and more of a tool provider for video creators.”

Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud told TechCrunch: “We’re starting this year with this creator-first mission, and the first launches we have are really about helping creators get distribution anywhere.”

Sud said the initiative is a new strategy and is different from what others are doing.

Sud explained that other social sites depend “on eyeballs and clicks for ad dollars, they’re very focused on keeping content on their platforms.”

She said the networks are “becoming walled gardens” and for a video creator, it becomes difficult to figure out where his or her work should go and how to get the audience that the creator prefers.

What’s Next?

Vimeo now makes it easier to upload and do live streaming on social network sites at the same via new tools that the platform has introduced.

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