Visualizing the color Palettes Of the web’s most lovely websites

Plus some helpful tools to make the colours pop by yourself internet sites.

June 23, 2015

What do the best-taking a look web sites on the web use for colour palettes? A surprising selection of pastels with the occasional sprinkling of earthen tones, as a minimum looking at this infographic from

See the entire picture right hereAwwwards

because 2009, Awwwards has been handing out accolades to what it considers the perfect designed web sites of the net. during the last six years, it has built an intensive database of websites with stunning pixels, so it was moderately straightforward for developer Matt DesLauriers to software something that might routinely scan the entries for his or her dominant three colours, and smack them collectively into a huge RGB pixel.

Over on the site, you could drill down into the exact hexadecimal colours that the top 20 sites use.

if you wish to understand find out how to make colors pop on your own websites, offers a listing of instruments you can use to give you color palettes of your own:, Stylify Me, Adobe colors, Paletton and extra.

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