VR companies keep slashing the prices of their high-end headsets

August 21, 2017

It’s a race to the virtual bottom! HTC said today it is slashing the price of its Vive VR headset and ecosystem from $799 to $599, and it will keep it at that price for the “foreseeable future.” In a blog post today, Vive’s Matthew Gepp said the price reduction will “make the system available to an even broader audience,” which is a nice way of saying c’est la vie to all those annoyed customers who paid the old price. The move comes less than a month after Facebook-owned Oculus slashed the price of its high-end Rift and Touch VR bundle for the second time this year. Last month, our Daniel Terdiman wrote that cutting prices is one of the main things the consumer VR industry needs to do if it wants to bring the technology mainstream.


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