Watch A fun-Loving household Of Bears Crash a brand new Jersey family’s outdoor Pool

“They took my floaty!”

August 21, 2015 

The dog days of summer have arrived—in fact, make that the endure days of summer.

The Basso family of Rockaway Township, New Jersey not too long ago hosted an impromptu pool party for some surprising revelers: a mother bear and five cubs.

“i thought they might get a drink and transfer on, but they stayed,” Tim Basso informed news 12 New Jersey. like the guest at a celebration who just can’t take the hint that it’s time to go, the endure domestic lounged, swam, and frolicked within the outdoor for 12 hours, utterly ignoring the admonishments and complaints of the Basso kids.

“They took my floaty!”
“One is eating my car!”
“No going on the swing, endure!”

tell it to bears who care.

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