Watch Apple’s trailer for “For All Mankind” alternate history space drama

By Michael Grothaus

It’s weird to call Apple an underdog, but the company most certainly is when it comes to its upcoming video streaming service, Apple TV+. The iPhone maker will be taking on heavyweights in an increasingly crowded field including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and the highly anticipated Disney+.

Whether Apple’s streaming service can succeed will mostly depend on their ability to draw subscribers to their platform with their exclusive, original content. But if the trailer for For All Mankind is any indication, Apple’s chances are good for doing just that.

For All Mankind is an alternative history science-fiction show developed by Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ron Moore that explores what would have happened if the Russians made it to the moon before the Americans and the space race extended well into the 1970s. You can check out the trailer below.



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