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What we’re using in July
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What we’re using in July

Engadget, @engadget

July 03, 2017
What we're using in July |

There’s a difference between what we test and write about for the site, and what Engadget editors actually decide to lay down their own cash for. Outside work hours, and when the review samples go back to the companies, what are our writers using? Which apps and services do we actually use? We’ve already talked about games, audio and the things we’re watching, but this is Engadget: It’s time to talk hardware.

This week, Daniel Cooper decided to take the plunge with Google WiFi’s mesh network after an accident destroyed his old wireless network. It’s a story of pros and cons.

What we're using in July |

Daniel Cooper
Senior Editor

Wireless equipment shouldn’t provoke strong emotions in anyone who isn’t paid handsomely to care about it. After all, the point of these devices is to do their job with a minimum of fuss and then get out of the way.

But Google’s second foray into wireless networks generates a plethora of emotions in me. Google WiFi is perfect, yet flawed; user-friendly, yet anger-inducing; and even after a month of owning one, I’m still not sure if I like it.



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