When Marketo went offline, self-described ‘geek’ rescued domain after their own failure to renew

“Good samaritan was the only motivation,” tweeted applications engineer Travis Prebble. “I didn’t buy the domain, just paid renewal.”

When Marketo went offline, self-described ‘geek’ rescued domain after their own failure to renew | DeviceDaily.com


Or the corporate equivalent of that expression probably was uttered today at the headquarters of marketing tech giant Marketo, when its domain apparently expired.

It might well have been followed by a collective “thank you” to one Travis Prebble, a senior applications engineer in State College, Pennsylvania.

The Twitter feeds of both parties tell the basics of this story arc.

Early this morning, Prebble tweeted the following:

Marketo’s Twitter feed, shortly after Prebble’s initial post:


Prebble noted the site remained down, although he had renewed the domain on his credit card. “No DNS changes that I’ve made,” he wrote, noting that he didn’t buy the domain but only renewed it.

Eventually, the site returned to normal. CEO Steve Lucas — to his credit — tweeted:

Even in the era of Donald Trump, it appears that Good Samaritans still exist. Prebble — who has now changed his identifier on Twitter to “Parking meter fairy for domain names” — only wants to add this event to his resume, in case he ever applies for a job at Marketo:

Late this afternoon, Marketo sent us this statement:

Early this morning, all Marketo web domains experienced access issues with our DNS that affected all Marketo instances. It did not affect product performance. We acted immediately to remediate the issue. While the propagation of the Marketo domain started early this morning, completion will vary depending upon local propagation settings. We expect most customers to have access to the Marketo.com domains shortly.


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