You can already buy Trump’s “redesigned” American flag on a T-shirt

By Jesus Diaz

September 05, 2018

Earlier this month, the president of the United States of America was spotted making some unassuming changes to the flag during a photo-op at a hospital for kids in Columbus, Ohio. Trump used blue and red markers to fill in two of the flag’s stripes, which are, of course, meant to be red and white. Max Temkin, designer and cofounder of Cards Against Humanity, has found a way to honor the president’s creativity–by printing T-shirts featuring his MoMA-worthy reimagination of the American flag.

A Twitter user caught the President’s Duchamp moment on August 24. In the next photo, you can see Trump deeply concentrated, trying not to color outside the lines with his blue marker as the children look on, apparently in disbelief.

Temkin—who in the past has collaborated with the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and clearly has a knack for turning Trump snafus into fundraising moments—saw the photos and he couldn’t resist. Within a few days, he had a mock-up illustration live on Threadless, christening Trump’s creation the “Americamb Flamg.”

May god help us all make the American flag the right colors again. Until then, you can buy the flag here for $25 for a regular T-shirt or $20 for a V-neck. As Temkin warns, “This shirt can only be worn by PATRIOTS who know what the flag looks like.”