Singular merges with Apsalar to form ‘unified analytics platform’ for mobile

The merger adds Singular’s media and marketing analytics to Apsalar’s attribution and segmenting.

Singular merges with Apsalar to form ‘unified analytics platform’ for mobile |

Singular and Apsalar announced today they are merging to create “a unified analytics platform” for mobile analytics and attribution.

Singular’s platform utilizes feeds from 1,600+ media partners, marketing tools and attribution providers for both mobile apps and mobile web. Every day, the San Francisco-based company says, it measures and optimizes data from over 7 million campaigns.

Apsalar, on the other hand, collects and attributes “customer data to ad clicks or views” for ads relating to mobile apps. Additionally, it segments audiences by behavior and then makes those segments available for retargeting.

In a statement, Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv said that “building native attribution and audience management into Singular has always been a key part of our plan.”

Now, Singular will have a mobile attribution stack built in, connecting marketing data to customer data. Eliashiv says that Singular tracks data both from tracking tags on the front end and from partner platforms, thus providing a more complete view of a campaign effort than competitors.

The integration between the two platforms has been underway for the last several months, resulting in a single platform under the Singular brand that will offer all of the combined functions for both mobile web and app campaigns. Here’s a screen shot of the merged platform:

Singular merges with Apsalar to form ‘unified analytics platform’ for mobile |

The enlarged company’s competitors, Eliashiv told me via email, include attribution providers like AppsFlyer, Adjust, Tune and Kochava. But, with both attribution and marketing capabilities, he said, “it’s fair to say that our competitive landscape will start bleeding more into the enterprise marketing cloud space, alongside companies like Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce.”

Both companies are headquartered in San Francisco. Apsalar’s team will move into Singular’s office in South Park, and Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine will become Singular’s Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer.


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