5 strikes and you’re out. Twitter’s new policy to rid the platform of vaccine misinformation

By Lydia Dishman

March 01, 2021

Twitter is taking another step to curb misinformation on its platform.

According to a blog post published by Twitter today, tweets that “may contain misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines” will be labeled as such. And those spreading the false information are going to be subjected to a “strike system,” which the company defined as:

    One strike: no account-level action

    Two strikes: 12-hour account lock

    Three strikes: 12-hour account lock

    Four strikes: 7-day account lock

    Five or more strikes: permanent suspension

Twitter says it will start with tweets in English, and its goal is to “eventually use both automated and human review to address content that violates our COVID-19 vaccine misinformation rules.”

Facebook also recently doubled down on efforts to curb the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines.