6 Powerful and Smart Productivity Apps for Android

6 Powerful and Smart Productivity Apps for Android

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It takes 21 days to make a habit, they say. Well, that’s true provided that nothing distracts you from your daily work on it. Developing new productivity habits and increasing efficiency of your efforts is challenging, so why not support our willpower with powerful mobile apps?

Productivity apps for your smartphone are a good choice for those who are working hard on their productivity. With them, it’s easier to get organized and stay focused on the goals. The apps offer various methods for that: goal tracking, checklists, gamification, etc. – choose the tool that works for you best.

1. actiTIME

When working on productivity, knowing where your time goes is the key point. actiTIME helps you with that: it is a time-tracking app that helps you log your time and analyze how you’re using it. The mobile app seamlessly connects to your actiTIME account and allows you to keep track of work and leave time and review your results for any time period. Its clear and friendly interfaces make the timekeeping process even more easy and uncluttered.

2. Goal Tracker

On the way towards the goal, nothing motivates better than knowing where you are and how much hard work you’ve already done. So track your steps day by day, and achieve your goal sooner. Goal Tracker app will help you do that. The app is based on the by Jerry Seinfield’s productivity secret: hanging a big calendar on a wall and putting marks over each day when you do something related to your goal: exercising, playing guitar, studying, etc. In the app, you can also schedule work for the next day and set up reminders. The resulting calendar view will show your progress, and motivate you to work harder and more consistently.

3. Do It Now RPG

Well, every activity can turn into a boring routine task. But dropping it is not always an option! Instead, try gamifying your daily routine at work or at home. Create a virtual copy of yourself and develop new abilities and skills in the Do It Now RPG app. Keep track of your results, associating your daily tasks with the characteristics. For example, develop stamina by working out every day, or gain more charisma with consistent reading. When you accomplish a task, you receive gold for that and can use it to buy an earned reward.

4. Noisli

It’s hard to stay productive in an environment full of annoying noises. Noisli is designed to drown them out and create a comfortable acoustic background for hard work or relaxation. Try various sounds, combine them, and create an environment that helps you stay concentrated on your work or studies. The app allows to play your favorite sounds both online and offline, so you can enjoy calmness when traveling or commuting.

If you’re a fan of Pomodoro technique, you’ll find the timer feature helpful. It allows to set up a countdown timer for work, study or research session – the timer will fade out at the end of the preset period. This feature can also be used for taking naps or meditating to keep control of time.

5. AppBlock

When it comes to distractions, it’s hardly possible to only rely on willpower. When we are tired and overloaded, it depletes and we are no longer able to avoid social media, game apps, and videos. AppBlock is an app for relieving willpower of the constant overload that apps and media content create: it blocks out everything that distracts you, and helps reclaim self-control.

In this app, you choose what should be blocked, and for what time period. You also can set up a time period for which an app can be used – for example, just half an hour of Facebook a day. To prevent yourself from changing the 6the app’s settings during the blocking time, use the strict mode. And, to avoid getting distracted by push notifications, block them out too – and enjoy your regained productivity and self-control.

6. Loop

Loop is an advanced habit tracker, where you can set up long-term goals, set schedules to achieve them, and add reminders to make your daily work consistent. The app shows statistics of your personal growth and allows to analyze your results for various time periods. Loop also offers habit score feature: it analyzes repetition frequency and calculates the strength of your habits on its basis. This motivates you to work more on your skills, habits, and goals, and skip fewer days in developing them.

Marina Pilipenko

Author’s bio: Marina Pilipenko is the marketing manager at actiTIME, the software company, providing a time-tracking solution to companies all over the world. She is passionate about productivity and work-life balance and loves giving tips on how to achieve more so follow her on Twitter.