A Lego genius has built an 85,000-piece model of Apple’s spaceship campus

By Michael Grothaus

October 05, 2018

And it’s incredible. The builder, known only as Spencer_R built the miniature Apple Park out of 85,000 Lego blocks over a two year period. But perhaps “miniature” isn’t the right word. Spencer’s creation measures in at a whopping 6.8 feet x 4.5 feet and weighs almost 80 pounds. As Spencer notes (via 9to5Mac):

In 2014 I came across some drone footage of an enormous circular excavation being dug into the California earth. When I discovered this was the start of the foundation for a new low-rise Apple “spaceship” campus, I knew I had found an interesting and suitable candidate.

But not only did Spencer re-create the main “spaceship” building, he also re-created the entire area of the campus, including shrubbery, employee parking garages, a historic barn that is located on the campus, the glass-walled Steve Jobs Theater, and even basketball and tennis courts.

A few overview shots of Spencer’s recreation are below but check out his portfolio on Flickr to see the massive Lego structure in all its detailed glory.