A Pair Of shades That Simulate LSD Hallucinations

The mood sunglasses aren’t very talked-about, however if you want to commute without chemical substances, they are a start.

July 24, 2015

Viewing the arena thru rose-coloured glasses is boring. What about hallucinogenic-, psychotropic-, electrical-Kool-help-coloured glasses as a substitute? Wayfarer, meet means out: Hungarian artist Bence Agoston has created a pair of shades that can simulate hallucination. (as a minimum the visible form.)

In appearance, mood’s 3-d printed frames seem like a pass between John Lennon’s wire-rimmed ovals and the previous maven glasses Elton John on occasion wears in concert. but the frames don’t seem to be in point of fact the megastar of the show right here: the lenses are. Agoston’s sunglasses can be used to simulate all sorts of technicolor freakouts thanks to 6 unique inserts which will also be layered over one every other. every lens is based on a unique Moiré sample that filters crimson, green, or blue gentle. Three lenses can also be placed in entrance of each and every eye; by means of rotating them, completely different patterns can also be created.

“as a result of each and every coloration filters the incoming lights otherwise, and the patterns can overlap each and every other or go away clean fields, the brand new view is totally random and twisted,” says Agoston. not that it’s a must to commute out all the time. “mood may also be used with clear lenses, for everyday living,” he notes.

requested when you should utilize his temper sunglasses, Agoston basically comes right out and says the superior use case is in the back of a colorfully painted school bus with Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters.

“the fitting state of affairs to be used is during commute, when folks hearken to tune, just having a look out the window and looking at the ever-altering sights, in good solidarity with the music. the form is designed with the intention of simplicity and distinctness, as if the wearer belongs to a kind of subculture.” just any old subculture, huh?

you can find extra of Agoston’s work on Bēhance right here.

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[All photography: Bence Agoston by the use of Behance]

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