A Standing Desk for children, To help trade Sitting culture (there is An grownup measurement, Too)

Breaking the deadly addiction of sitting all day before the habit begins.

September 2, 2015

As much as chances are you’ll need to ditch your place of business chair for a standing desk, a lifetime of sitting is a difficult addiction to interrupt. So when a gaggle of designers made up our minds to attack the tradition of sitting, they realized that they must begin initially and make a kid-sized standing desk.

“Sitting is the norm in our society,” says Mathias Ellegiers, one of the founders of Jaswig, the standing desk startup. “take a look round you—your own home, public spaces, transportation, and classrooms—all over the place you might be invited to sit down. This norm has confirmed to be unhealthy. Our mission is to deal with this international problem at its foundation.”

Goldilocks-type, Jaswig makes three sizes of its sit down-stand desks: big, medium, and sufficiently small that it may be utilized in a kindergarten lecture room.

“as a result of we are talking about an issue that is current in every nook of our society, school is the fitting position to handle this sitting norm,” says Ellegiers.

The smallest Jaswig desks also fill a spot in the quick growing world of standing desks, which mostly focal point on adults—even supposing children spend an ordinary of eighty five% of waking hours sitting, even with something like gymnastics or soccer follow after college. “As advocates of standing desks within the workplace we realized that children weren’t given the same chance,” he says.

The designers watched how kids naturally carry objects and built that motion into an adjustment machine for the desk, so even first-graders can easily swap between sitting and standing heights as they work. they can also make adjustments as they develop taller.

The adjustability is designed to work equally smartly for adults. “Rule quantity one in every of using a standing desk is the use of it at your relaxed top,” Ellegiers says. “That relaxed vary can even vary for one individual relying on the time of day.”

Footrests on every aspect let any individual shift position all through the day. “Neither sitting nor standing still for hours at a time are good for your physique,” he says. “A standing desk lets in higher so that you can move around and fidget. Having a footrest is vital for allowing extra movement and altering your weight distribution.”

The desks are also as sustainable as that you can think of. since the simple design can be minimize out on a digital CNC computer, the startup plans to send virtual files to workshops around the world instead of transport the desks themselves. For U.S. shoppers, the desks will likely be made in Cleveland.

The desks are also constituted of wooded area Stewardship Council-licensed birch—the most sustainably-grown wooden the designers may find—and if any individual later wants to do away with their desk, they may be able to give it back to the company to be made into something else, like their “not-wasted clock,” crafted from scraps of wooden.

Jaswig is crowdfunding the desks on Kickstarter.

[All photography: by the use of Jaswig]

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