A whole bunch of tortilla chips spontaneously combusted

By Melissa Locker

An explosive situation has unfolded at a Tex Mex food facility and, for once, no beans or your brother were involved.

On Wednesday, the Austin Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at a tortilla chip factory. A massive blaze had flared up when tortilla chips spontaneously combusted. In a Facebook post, the fire department noted that the factory was trying out a new blend of (we’re guessing cesium and water) chips that “didn’t work out so well,” resulting in a blaze hot enough to rival any chili pepper.

As CBS News reports, whatever was in those chips was extremely volatile. Three days later, more boxes of the same tortilla chips spontaneously ignited again. After the firefighters contained that fire, they drowned all of the other boxes of chips to make sure they didn’t catch fire.

While we’re pro-innovation, maybe not in tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips are big business around these parts. We take them seriously, as they are responsible for holding all…

Posted by Austin Fire Department on Wednesday, July 18, 2018



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