Adobe Experience Manager adds features to help marketers manage assets, optimize video

The company also released new tools designed for IT and developers managing app development.

Adobe Experience Manager adds features to help marketers manage assets, optimize video |

obe’s Brand Portal tool, part of the Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe announced Wednesday a number of new updates to Adobe Experience Manager aimed at helping marketers manage content assets and video marketing efforts. The enhancements were released in combination with new capabilities designed to give IT professionals and developers more flexibility around app development efforts.

New asset management features for content marketing materials. For marketers charged with managing brand assets for multiple teams, Adobe has added a high-speed transfer service within its Brand Portal — a tool used for asset distribution among internal teams. The updated Brand Portal will deliver faster asset management options on a global scale, and comes with enhanced permission controls to delegate which teams or geographic locations have access to which assets.

The company has also added a Visual Search tool to its Adobe Asset Link platform, making it easier to locate similar images within a brands’ library of assets within the Adobe Experience Manager: “Creatives can now automatically find similar images in a matter of seconds with Visual Search in Adobe Asset Link.”

A new “drag and drop” feature for content creation. The Adobe Experience Manager Forms are getting a drag and drop feature so that marketers can embed interactive content in customer newsletters, statements are other business communications. Adobe is also integrating its Adobe Sign Cloud Signatures tool that allows users to digitally sign documents with signatures that meet regulatory requirements.

Updates to video capabilities. Adobe’s Experience Manager will now include Smart Crop for video. Powered by Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s AI and machine learning tech), the Smart Crop function will automatically identify how a video is being viewed on a device and crop it for an improved viewing experience no matter how the viewer is holding their phone.

Adobe Experience Manager adds features to help marketers manage assets, optimize video |

Videos that reside within the Adobe Experience Manager will also have access to Smart Tags — intelligent tags that correspond to actions, attributes and objects featured in the video. “Gone are the days of manually sorting through hundreds of relevant clips,” reports Adobe.

Why you should care. In combination with these product updates, Adobe conducted a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers and found 51 percent were more likely to make a purchase if brand content was personalized, with 54 percent more willing to remain on a brand’s channel if video content is included. These latest updates speak directly to the need for brands to deliver more optimized, personalized content.

In addition to these updates, the company also rolled out new tools for the IT teams and developers that support application development. Both the updates for developers and the new Adobe Experience Manager features for marketers were created to drive more personalized experiences for the end user.

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