AdStage launches Report cross-channel reporting solution

Customers managing paid search and social campaigns in AdStage can now generate reporting on all social channels.

AdStage launches Report cross-channel reporting solution

Self-serve search and social campaign management platform AdStage launched a new reporting solution on Tuesday to help marketers create reporting dashboards on cross-channel activities in one place.

The new solution, called Report, offers reporting capabilities for customers managing Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, Twitter and/or LinkedIn campaigns. Users can build dynamic dashboards and visualizations and schedule reports, and agencies can white-label their reporting. Customers can create an unlimited number of dashboards that can be shared online on mobile and desktop or sent as a PDF or CSV file.

AdStage Dynamic Reporting Dashboards - AdStage launches Report cross-channel reporting solution

AdStage says it is planning to integrate Report with other marketing technologies — such as HubSpot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Marketo and Salesforce — that will allow marketers to create more comprehensive reports.

“The list of ways you can bridge marketing tools is incredibly long and today, highly manual and reserved for companies that have the most expendable resources,” said Sahil Jain, CEO and co-­founder of AdStage. “We are building a platform dedicated to efficiently automating processes and helping the Head of Demand Generation be successful.”

Report is powered by the AdStage API and is now available to customers.


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