All 2019 iPhones will reportedly have OLED displays

By Michael Grothaus

May 29, 2018

Apple first used an OLED display on its iPhone X last year, which was a break from the LCD displays every other iPhone model has used. OLED displays have a number of advantages over LCD–as any iPhone X owner can attest. These advantages include brighter screens, bolder colors, deeper blacks, and more energy efficiency. The drawback to OLED displays is, of course, cost, which is why Apple limited the technology to last year’s iPhone X and not also the new iPhone 8 introduced at the same time last year.

But while this year’s upcoming iPhone X and iPhone X Plus are expected to use OLED displays, other iPhones waiting to be announced in 2018 (the “iPhone 9” or “iPhone SE 2”) will continue to used LCD displays to keep costs down. However, OLED displays being only used in high-end iPhones will come to an end next year, reports Reuters. In 2019 all new iPhone models Apple introduces will feature the advanced displays. The news sent shares of Apple’s current LCD supplier, Japan Display, tumbling 20%.