Alphabet’s X births a new AI-powered security company, Chronicle

Alphabet’s “moonshot factory” has been incubating its answer to the massive and growing problem of hacking and data theft. It’s a new independent Alphabet company called Chronicle. The new company’s mission is to give large companies a strong ally in identifying and zapping security threats before they cause harm.

Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett explained on a call with reporters Wednesday that most companies lack the speed and computing power needed to track down threats. “Our goal is to 10X the speed of finding threats and to find more efficient ways ways to analyze threats,” Gillett said. “We want to bring the security into what we call ‘high definition.’”

Gillett said Chronicle is built on the same computing infrastructure that powers other Alphabet companies, and that the company has access to “the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence teams and talent in the world today.” Gillette would give no further details on which Alphabet AI resources would be brought to bear, or how. 

Chronicle has already deployed its product in several Fortune 500 companies for testing and enhancing, and will continue doing so.

Chronicle was born two years ago when Gillett (then an executive-in-residence at Google Ventures), and Mike Wiacek and Shapor Naghibzadeh from Google’s security team, converged at X to investigate whether they could build tools to give businesses the intelligence they need to stay ahead of constantly changing cybersecurity threats.

“We shouldn’t have to settle for cybercrime being a fact of life,” Gillett said.


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