Amazon unveils a new, bigger, high-fidelity ‘Echo Studio’

By Mark Sullivan

Research has shown that playing music is still the biggest use of home smart speakers. That may be why Amazon decided to join Apple and Google in offering a smart speaker that’s focused on sounding good.

The new Amazon speaker is the same general shape as Apple’s HomePod, but it’s larger. It has three mid-range speakers facing out from the sides and a large 5.25-inch driver facing down at the bottom.

Amazon unveils a new, bigger, high-fidelity ‘Echo Studio’ |

[Photo: courtesy of Amazon]

The big difference between Amazon’s high-fidelity speaker and Apple’s and Google’s is the price. Amazon will sell the Studio for just $199. Apple’s Homepod now retails for $299, and so does Google’s Home Max. Amazon may be using a combination of high-fi and low price to tempt more households onto its Alexa platform this holiday season.

Amazon executive Dave Limp demonstrated the Studio in a large, open setting, and the sound was impressively loud and immersive. It would sound even better in a living room.


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