Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just became the world’s first $200 billionaire

By Connie Lin

As Americans devastated by the coronavirus pandemic sit in their homes—jobless, cooking in bulk, praying for a single $1,200 check to arrive by mail—Amazon founder Jeff Bezos casually became the world’s first-ever $200 billionaire.

Bezos’s net worth cleared the record $200 billion mark Wednesday when shares of his online shopping company reached $3,403.64. Around $82 billion of his net worth was added this year after the pandemic catapulted e-commerce and contactless purchasing into the stratosphere. The tech titan, who also owns space company Blue Origin, is one of only three people on Earth with a 12-figure fortune—and his wealth now dwarfs that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, with $123 billion, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with $106 billion (scrubs!).

Amazon shares continued to climb midday Wednesday, reaching $3,434.09 hours before the closing bell. Who knows how high they’ll go?! The rest of us can only watch as King Bezos counts cash from atop his contactless throne.


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