Apple and Facebook work out news subscription deal

In October Facebook launched a new program that would allow publishers to sell subscriptions to their news sites on Facebook–including in the Facebook mobile app. The program would allow publishers to be able to potentially make recurring revenue from articles shared on Facebook’s platforms. However, when the program launched it was not accessible through Facebook’s iOS app–presumably because Apple didn’t want to budge on its standard 30% take of subscription profits generated through iOS. Facebook reportedly wanted all of the profits to go to the publishers.

Now it seems Apple and Facebook have worked past that impasse, reports MacRumors. At this week’s Code Media event, Facebook exec Campbell Brown announced a deal had been reached with Apple to commence the go-ahead of the subscription service program in the Facebook iOS app. There’s no word on what the terms of the deal were, so it’s not known if Facebook buckled, Apple buckled, or both companies agreed to meet somewhere in the middle.



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