Apple iOS 12 early look: How to install the beta software on your device

By Mark Sullivan

June 25, 2018

Apple announced its new iOS 12 operating system earlier this month, and the public beta became available Monday. The final version of iOS 12 will roll out to iPhone and iPad users this fall.

If you want to install the beta software, you’ll have to register your device with Apple. You can learn how to do this at Apple’s Beta Software Program site. Once your iPhone is registered, an available software update will become visible in your Settings. Just make sure you back up your data first, as betas sometimes act in unexpected ways.

iOS 12 contains some useful (or at least interesting) new features, including:

    Memoji lets you create a talking avatar to use in messaging, photos, or video chat

    iOS 12 makes iPhones–even older ones–run faster

    A new Augmented Reality app lets you measure things using your phone

    Apple built in new features to help you manage how much time you’re spending with your phone

    Group FaceTime lets you FaceTime with up to 32 people at the same time

    A new Photos feature suggests people with whom you might want to share specific photos

    Siri “Shortcuts” lets you tell your phone to perform groups of actions