Aprimo adds collaborative idea creation to its suite of marketing planning tools

The platform now includes collaborative conceptualization, as well as workflow management, budgeting, asset creation and other pre-implemenation tools.

Aprimo adds collaborative idea creation to its suite of marketing planning tools | DeviceDaily.com

Aprimo was spun off from data warehouse/analytics provider Teradata in 2015, focusing on providing marketing management tools for planning, content creation and setting up campaigns.

In March of last year, it acquired a leading digital asset management (DAM) platform, ADAM software. This created a suite of pre-campaign workflow management tools, up to the point where assets and decisions could then be transferred to implementation tools for emails, ads or other actions.

This week, Aprimo is adding a space for marketers to collaboratively brainstorm ideas, which can then be stored or moved into production. VP and Head of Marketing Ed Breault told me that the addition of this Idea Lab space extends the platform’s capabilities for the first time toward the first inklings of a new concept.

In the Idea Lab space, a user can set up a group of ideas as a named set, such as for an upcoming campaign, and then generate small idea-tiles containing text, an icon and file attachments, such as images or video. Other users can comment on the ideas or view the related files by downloading them. If a date is added to the idea, it generates a timeline designed for further concept refinement before it is moved into becoming a full-fledged Activity to be managed in the platform’s Marketing Productivity tool.

Aprimo adds collaborative idea creation to its suite of marketing planning tools | DeviceDaily.com

While this ideation tool is fairly straightforward in its functionality, it now adds collaborative creation to Aprimo’s growing toolset of marketing management capabilities. Breault told me that, to his knowledge, no other platform includes this range of tools for planning marketing activities.

In addition to the Idea Lab, the company is also adding an Article Editor to its DAM tool, so that textual content can be managed in the same interface as images.


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