Are these the best and worst airlines in the United States?


If you’re booking a ticket for Spring Break travel (Cancuuuuun!), you may want to start your ticket shopping with Alaska Airlines.

For the second year in a row, Alaska Airlines sits at the top of The Points Guy’s ranking of airlines in the United States. The travel-focused site gave Alaska points for its airfare, timeliness, baggage handling, and customer service, as well as its frequent-flyer program, which it considers the best in the industry. Other airlines that ranked high on TPG’s list were Southwest at number two and Delta at number three.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list is that, thanks to innovations in minimizing lost bags, flying bus Spirit Airlines is now ranked above JetBlue, which dropped from fourth to eighth place in the ranking. The Points Guy blamed this on the fact that JetBlue was “ranked dead last” for on-time arrivals and speculated that passengers were frustrated because JetBlue was acting like a low-cost airline without actually having low-cost airfare.

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