Brett Kavanaugh’s entire hearing performance in one image

By Joe Berkowitz

September 27, 2018

And you thought Brett Kavanaugh’s recent interview on Fox News went poorly.


During that wretched piece of reassurance theater, the embattled Supreme Court nominee presented his high school self as a virginal innocent and all-around Very Good Boy. During Thursday’s hearing, he took the opposite tact, putting his nasty side on display.

Throughout the whole process of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations, and the subsequent others that have followed, Kavanaugh’s defenders keep bringing up his sterling character. This hearing offered viewers an opportunity to see that character in action.

Boy, did they ever.

During his time fielding questions, Kavanaugh revealed himself to be a bitter, bullying, temper tantrum-pitching sack of entitlement–truly the perfect Supreme Court nominee to reflect the Trump doctrine.

Kavanaugh came out swinging–or, rather, screaming–and went on to be combative with Democratic senators, refuse to answer certain questions, and give fishy responses to others. In one astonishing moment, after Senator Amy Klobuchar asked a very pertinent question about whether Kavanaugh has ever blacked out while drinking, the SCOTUS nominee turned the tables and asked her if she had. (A moment for which he would later apologize.)


In short, the uncooperative Kavanaugh embodied several derogatory terms men use to write off women: He was shrill, hysterical, and prone to pendulous mood swings. Don’t take my word for it, though. One photo captured the essence of Kavanaugh’s performance at the hearing better than I ever could, and it’s embedded in the tweet below.

The look of revulsion on those women witnessing the belligerent SCOTUS nominee defend his good name–women who were there to support him, I should add–were likely shared by millions of other women all over America.

And they vote.