Brooklinen’s high-quality sheets, towels, robes, and more are now 20% off

By Rachel Kim Raczka

April 27, 2021

Brooklinen is celebrating its 7th birthday this week. In 2014, Vicki and Rich Fulop founded their bedding brand, which has since infiltrated both your favorite podcast’s commercials and your home. And now, their no-fuss luxury linens, loungewear, and bed accessories are 20% off through May 5.

First off, bedding should be at the top of your list. I own Brooklinen’s Luxe Sateen bedsheet set (from $80) and duvet cover (from $108), and they are absolutely the dreamiest. The fabric is buttery soft, wrinkle-free, and has lived through countless washes and attacks by my cat, who claws at freshly laundered sheets as soon as they’re laid onto the bed. So far: no snags and no fading.

In 2017, the founders told Fast Company senior writer Elizabeth Segran that they were interested in targeting men via gender-neutral bedding options. Men spend just as large a portion of their lives in bed, but for the most part, bed linens are not designed or marketed to cater to them. (I know, I know, poor men, but stay with me.) Brooklinen cleverly created simple designs and color options with straightforward marketing that’s appealing and accessible. And it seems to have worked, at least in my household: My boyfriend independently bought those sheets.

The anniversary sale covers all Brooklinen products (with the exception of Spaces), making it an ideal time to explore other categories: the Super-Plush towel bundles (from $15) are the perfect excuse to give your linen closet a spring refresh. And the Mulberry Silk pillowcase (now $47.20)—made from 100% pure mulberry silk—is an indulgence that covers Mother’s Day and any day, because honestly, your skin wants this one.

Or take advantage of the sale and check out Brooklinen’s bedding layers. The All-Season Down Comforter (now $287.20) is a 700 fill power Canadian Duck duvet insert that’s kept my bed toasty in the winter and still comfortable as the spring heats up. And then there’s the Weighted Comforter (now $199.20), a Recommender favorite filled with glass microbeads, which makes for a comfortable, snug night’s sleep. And of course, my absolute favorite find of the year: Brooklinen’s spectacular Down Pillows, which now start at $55.20 and have softly cradled my tech neck back to almost full health this pandemic. 

 Need other ideas? Here are some more options to get you started:

Brooklinen’s high-quality sheets, towels, robes, and more are now 20% off |

[Photo: courtesy Brooklinen]

Super Plush Robe
Luxurious and made from Turkish cotton, Brooklinen’s unisex bathrobe is perfect for mornings and after showers—but we wouldn’t blame you if it makes its way into your all-day loungewear rotation.

Brooklinen Super Plush Robe – $78.40 (was $98)

Brooklinen’s high-quality sheets, towels, robes, and more are now 20% off |

[Photo: courtesy Brooklinen]

Mulberry Silk Eyemask
Protect your eyes from the peeping sun with this gorgeous silk eye mask. It’s the best bedside table companion, but we can also see us packing it for long-haul flights once travel gets back in action.

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eyemask) – $23.20 (was $29)

Brooklinen’s high-quality sheets, towels, robes, and more are now 20% off |

[Photo: courtesy Brooklinen]

Brooklinen Down Pillow
This is me on my favorite pillow (JK). But it could be you. Brooklinen’s affordable, perfectly comfortable down pillows are made with supportive layers of down feathers or clusters and are available in plush, mid-plush, or firm.

Brooklinen Down Pillows – From $55.20 (was $69)

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