Burger King has fun ‘game’ for customers: Guess if your burger is meat

By Melissa Locker

Burger King has a dare for its customers. The fast food chain recently launched two plant-based burgers in Sweden, one a meatless version of the classic Whopper and the other a chicken-free version of its chicken sandwich, called the “Rebel Whopper” and “Rebel Chicken King” respectively. The chain is so convinced that its vegetarian versions are indistinguishable from the animal-based versions that it is daring their customers to tell the difference.

BK his introduced a “50/50 menu,” where customers are randomly served either a plant-based or regular meat patty, CNBC reports. Then they’ll have to guess which one they’re eating. To find out whether they are eating animal or vegetable, customers have to use the Burger King app, enter a guess, and then scan the box for the answer. Presumably this “game” is only for meat eaters, unless there are some nihilistic vegetarians out there willing to play a meaty version of Russian roulette.

While the Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King are only in Sweden for now, earlier this year, Burger King announced it was launching a Whopper made with the bleeding plant-based Impossible Burgers across the U.S. this year. The chain already accidentally found out that consumers can’t tell the difference between meat and vegetarian Whoppers when a location in New York City gave real meat Whoppers to customers who ordered “Impossible Whoppers.” Burger King claims that was “due to a technology error.” A technology error in one country is a marketing plan in another.


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