Busted on Bumble: Animal poacher lives to regret flirting with a game warden

 By Melissa Locker

Be careful flashing your dead deer on Bumble.

Cannon Harrison was just looking for a love match, but ended up having to work overtime when his Bumble connection started bragging about poaching.

It all started when Harrison matched on Bumble with a hunter, who decided that the best way to ramp up from awkward small talk to wedding planning was to brag about shooting “a bigo buck,” according to Tulsa World. Harrison was intrigued and asked the woman a few more questions about her hobby. Turns out she shot the deer after using a spotlight to make it freeze and then sent Harrison some more details and images of her holding the very dead, very biggo buck to prove it.

While the woman may have been swooning over finding someone just as interested in killing harmless animals as she was, Harrison was more interested in her professionally. He’s a game warden for Oklahoma’s Department of Wildlife Conservation, after all, and she had just admitted to poaching.

Harrison told the Washington Post that at first he thought the woman was pranking him, since everyone in town knows he is the game warden and teasing could be a great way to spark a romance. Once he realized she wasn’t joking, he tracked down her identity on social media and sent the game wardens to her property the next morning.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens posted the exchange on its Facebook page (along with deer snuff pics): “As Game Wardens our personal lives are often blurred into our professional lives,” the post reads. “This is often the case when it comes to social media, personal cell phones, and now dating apps….”

According to the post, the woman pled guilty and paid multiple fines.

Hopefully Harrison at least got paid overtime.


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