Cesar Sayoc’s Facebook feed seemed like a case study in online radicalization–or satire

By Steven Melendez

Cesar Sayoc, the 56-year-old Florida man arrested in connection with the recent wave of mail bomb attacks, had a Facebook profile full of right-wing propaganda. The page is no longer available, perhaps taken down by Facebook, and didn’t include any public content after October 2016.

The page, under the name Cesar Altieri Randazzo, included numerous public posts from 2016 supporting President Trump and denouncing his political rivals, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. One shared post came from a page called “Handcuffs for Hillary,” and the page also included numerous reposts from conservative news sources—from Fox News to Breitbart—as well as photos apparently taken by Savoc at Trump rallies.

Facebook didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry from Fast Company about whether it took down the page.

Savoc appears to have shared right-wing content and conspiracy theories on Twitter as well. Some posts propagate conspiracy theories about George Soros, the billionaire funder of liberal causes, suggesting he aided in the Nazi Holocaust (despite being Jewish) and that he was behind the Parkland High School shooting. The Twitter account also ranted about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose return address was used to send the mail bombs, and included threats against other liberal public figures including New York Times columnist and tech writer Sarah Jeong and actor Jim Carrey, The Daily Beast reports.

With details still emerging, it’s obviously too soon to determine the extent to which Savoc’s online persona was authentic, but his constant sharing of extreme content is likely to stoke criticism of Facebook and other social media as engines for online radicalization.

A van seized in connection with Savoc’s arrest was covered in far-right stickers, many featuring images from prominent conservative memes.

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