Chipotle Now On The Offensive in opposition to Smear marketing campaign

September 15, 2015

Chipotle Attack Ad

quick-casual chain Chipotle is on the offensive in opposition to a smear marketing campaign delivered via the heart for client Freedom (CCF). The staff not too long ago released a print advert marketing campaign headlined “Chipotle wholesome.”

The print advert showcases a shirtless, overweight man with a caption to the proper that reads: “devour two ‘all pure’ Chipotle burritos every week and you must achieve 40 pounds in a yr.”

Admittedly, a Chipotle burrito loaded with every single ingredient can ship a whopping 1,four hundred calories, approximately half of the day-to-day steered consumption for males, and nearly all of the prompt calories ladies.

The ad was once created through “smear” campaigner Richard Berman, the operator of the CCF.

In a press free up the Humane Society of the U.S., says, “Berman and CCF have refused to say who’s funding this [ad] campaign, however they virtually indisputably are factory farming pursuits” who dislike Chipotle “because it chooses to not sell meat from animals jammed into cages or loaded up with antibiotics. a lot for his safeguard of the free market.”

The CCF denies that declare, stating that the company has long past after this type of firm for years. The CCF says Chipotle’s assault towards utterly protected GMOs and antibiotics, are nothing more than a advertising and marketing gimmick that in reality places animals lives at risk.

The assault commercials also lead folks to a site called “,” which criticizes the restaurant chain for instructing meat producers to ship antibiotic-free meat. The web site says Chipotle has cited in its personal annual disclosures that there was a rise in animals deaths because of its practices.

the company continues to promote soda’s that are created with genetically modified corn.

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