Chucky is out for Woody’s blood in this cheeky “Child’s Play” poster

By Joe Berkowitz

What: A rather confident poster for the forthcoming remake of Child’s Play.

Who: Someone in marketing at Orion, who was probably having a very good time.

Why we care: Forget the feud between Burger King and McDonald’s; the truly hot advertising battle of the day is the beef between Child’s Play and Toy Story 4, which is a more pure David vs. Goliath scenario. In one corner, we have the venerable, beloved Pixar franchise, making its return to theaters since magnetically pulling tears from so many eyeballs with the existential climax of Toy Story 3 in 2010. On the other side, there’s Child’s Play, the reboot of a still-chugging franchise that descended a decade ago into mega-winking self-parody. Both of these series are about toys that come to life, but only one of them is about toys who come to life and, ironically, make humans cease being alive. That would be Child’s Play, of course. In a morbidly playful new poster for the reboot, killer toy Chucky turns his attention to a beloved hero of Toy Story 4, which shares a release date. Run, Woody, run!

Prepare to have your childhood beaten bloody by the posters below.

Chucky is out for Woody’s blood in this cheeky “Child’s Play” poster |
[Images: courtesy of Disney and Pixar; courtesy of Orion Pictures]

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