Cold or flu? Here’s where to track CDC outbreak data for 2018-2019

By Christopher Zara

Last year’s flu season was especially awful for vulnerable populations, including children. According to the CDC, some 183 flu-related pediatric deaths were reported for 2017-2018, almost double the number of deaths during the same period two years earlier. The agency said activity began to increase in November, peaked in January and February, and remained high even in March.

Sadly, this season is already off to a tragic start, as the CDC reported today that the flu has already claimed its first pediatric death. The death was reported as part of the agency’s weekly surveillance report, which resumed its tracking of flu activity last week after its usual summer break.

To help people keep track of outbreaks in their area, the CDC publishes new information—and a number of interactive maps—on its weekly surveillance reports.

The good news, at the moment, is that flu activity remains low throughout the country—with local activity reported in North Dakota and Massachusetts, and only sporadic activity elsewhere. But the CDC warns that the flu season is upon us. Vaccinations remain the best way to prevent the flu, and the CDC is recommending that you do that before the end of this month.

You can find more info on that here.


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