Comcast Brings Gigabit carrier To Atlanta

by means of Wendy Davis, staff creator @wendyndavis, (March sixteen, 2016)

Comcast said today it’s rolling out Gigabit provider to Atlanta, where it is going to compete with Google Fiber.

Comcast is not going to impose its widely disliked information caps on Gigabit subscribers in Atlanta, supplied they signal three-yr contracts for 1 GB carrier priced at $70 a month. in any other case, the company will cost $139.95 a month for 1 GB speeds with a 300 GB cap. people who pay month-to-month and exceed that cap shall be charged $10 for every 50 GB overage, or can pay $35 for unlimited information. the company also is offering 2 GB speeds for $299.ninety five a month.

Google, which does not cap the quantity of knowledge that subscribers can eat, intends to supply stand-by myself 1 GB provider for $70 a month in Atlanta, and stand-by myself 100 Mbps carrier for $50 a month. Google additionally will offer a blended television and internet choice for $a hundred thirty a month.

Comcast obviously is hoping to enroll customers before Google arrives in Atlanta. That may make experience from a industry perspective, but the move calls into query Comcast’s justification for any data caps. in any case, if it is in a position to offering limitless data without experiencing congestion on its network, why would caps ever be important?

Digital rights teams have raised that same question. previous this month, Public information referred to as consideration to Comcast’s information caps in a Federal Communications grievance. The advocacy workforce asked the FCC to order Comcast to prevent capping broadband knowledge, or alternatively to prevent exempting its stand-on my own television service, circulate, from the caps.

Comcast is not the only firm experimenting with pricing buildings for limitless knowledge. AT&T mentioned previous this 12 months that it’s going to once again supply limitless mobile knowledge plans, but to not twine-cutters. The telecom stated in January that it is going to sell limitless data to smartphone customers, supplied that they purchase television applications from DirecTV (got last 12 months) or U-Verse. Search advertising day-to-day