Congrats to Bill de Blasio, the most searched 2020 Democrat in Luce County, Michigan

By Christopher Zara

California loves Kamala. Texas is Beto country. Maine is lousy with Bernie bros.

Those are some of the insights one might glean from a cool new interactive map from Google Trends, which visualizes search interest in the 20-plus Democrats who are vying for their chance to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

The map, courtesy of Google data journalist Simon Rogers, offers a color-coded look at each county in the contiguous United States, showing which candidate generated the most search interest from January through May 2019. The finished product reveals some patterns we might expect. For instance, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the most searched candidate throughout much of Indiana, his home state.

Perhaps equally unsurprising is that Mayor Bill de Blasio is not the most searched candidate in four out of the five boroughs in his hometown of New York City. That honor goes to Joe Biden in Manhattan and Staten Island, Kamala Harris in the Bronx, and Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn. Only Queens County favored searching for de Blasio over other candidates.

Zooming out to Upstate New York, and you can see that Biden and Sanders dominate there, too. In fact, you have to squint pretty hard to find any U.S. counties where de Blasio gets top search interest. Luce County, Michigan; and Crockett County, Texas, are a few exceptions.

Of course, raw search interest without context doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but the map is a lot of fun to look through. It’s also searchable, which means you can plug in your own county and see who’s dominating there. Check out the full map while you strain your eyes trying to find a single county searching for Eric Swalwell.


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