Content Marketing and the IoT: Everything You Need to Know

Content Marketing and the IoT: Everything You Need to Know

Content Marketing and the IoT: Everything You Need to Know |

Internet of things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing internet trends that has gained a lot of importance recently. IoT has the ability to keep everyone and everything connected constantly to each other.

With the help of IoT, devices can also exchange information between them.

The products today have become smarter as well as efficient because of the application of IoT.

According to Forbes article, in 2015, there were nearly 15.4 billion connected devices. This number of connected devices is expected to increase to 30.7 billion by 2020 and 75.4 billion by the end of 2025. Thus, Internet of things has the ability to transform many lives in the near future.

Impact of IoT on Content Marketing

Kevin Elliott wrote his Master thesis on “Building a content strategy for the IoT.” Elliott notes that, content marketing is one of the fields that have been greatly influenced by the internet of things.

Social media is one of the best examples that reflect the growth of the IoT integrated area.

With the help of IoT, organizations are able to respond to customer queries rapidly. The result is building a loyal and satisfied customer base. One of the greatest difficulties that is being faced by the marketers today is that a great deal of information is available over the internet.

It becomes very important to know that what information is reaching customers. Which sources are they using? The answers to these questions then gives you control over the content reaching them.

By knowing and understanding the data that are accessed by customers — the content marketer can plan and organize their data. Marketing campaigns can be ordered to retain the existing customers. This will also help in attracting the potential customers.

This trend has greatly influenced the digital content marketing.

The increased data availability has made it easier for the companies to provide their customers exactly what is demanded by them. According to Chris Grundy, is the author of, “The Internet of Things: What It Means for Content Marketing.” Grundy says that in order to engage with the customers, it is very important that the companies know about the various ways to connect with customers. To connect is to include them in marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and IoT

SEO plays a very important role over internet as, on the basis of reaching out the the customer. People will see content over the internet. Hence, organizations make efforts to develop a strong SEO so that when a customer searches the key words, they can find the organizations’ content.

Many other strategies like using voice search strategies and investing in other platforms apart from Google can benefit. Continuous optimization of the content should be adopted depending upon the search results.

These strategies will also help the content marketers. Hence, there are many options available to the content marketers today because of the internet of things for achieving success in the market.

Impact of IoT on Content Production and Delivery

Internet of things helps customers in many ways by improving and enhancing the production of content along with the delivery options.

Today, marketers are creating personalized messages with the help of internet of things. Device interconnection is also one of the greatest inventions that have taken place with the help of IoT.

Location and environment are one of the most important data that are required by content marketers. The way of consuming data also plays an important role. The content marketers need to keep in mind to include such strategies in their marketing campaign.

As the number of interconnected devices has increased — this may cause trouble for the content marketers. Whatsoever content marketing strategy a company adopts, it needs to be smart. 

Future of content marketing and IoT

IoT has a great potential and there is a lot more to be explored. Organizations should know to use the IoT technology to their advantage. This can be achieved by learning, with the help of the data available.

With the help of IoT, content marketers can adopt dynamic pricing strategy as well as buying options.

Such data will also help the companies to predict the advertising for the near future. Online shopping helps to a great extent to know about the likes and dislikes of consumers. This information can be used by companies to improvise by giving offers or discounts to the customers. 

Content can be increased with the help of gaining knowledge about the needs and demands of the customers. A valuable content is far better than a cluster of contents. It is important to wisely choose the content for attracting customers.

Innovative marketing contents can do wonders for an organization and hence, smart work is very important.

“Another thing that should be kept in mind is that change is the law of nature and this should be kept in mind by the content marketers. Companies should constantly revise their content and also try to make improvements in the content depending upon the changing demands,” states Brian Simmons, Content Marketing Director at ConfidentWriters.

The internet of things and content marketing has great potential and can shape the future success rate of an organization. It is important to know how internet of things can be used for portraying the marketing content. You want to be able to satisfy the loyal customers with your content and offerings. 

Alisia Watson

Alisia Watson

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