Cupboard aims to make Google Universal App Campaigns more effective, now out of beta

The reporting automation and analysis solution offers views and creative performance data not available natively in Google Ads.

Cupboard aims to make Google Universal App Campaigns more effective, now out of beta |

Cupboard shows granular creative details on Google Universal App Campaigns.

Google’s Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are used by thousands of app marketers to drive app installs and in-app behaviors. A problem for those managing these largely automated campaigns is reporting can be cumbersome and opaque. A new reporting and analysis solution, out of beta this week, aims to fix that.

What is it? Cupboard is a platform designed to give app developers running UACs more granular reporting insights into their campaigns. Developed initially as a solution for clients by mobile marketing agency Bamboo last March, paying customers have been on the platform for roughly three months.

The Cupboard team, which also included some former Uber engineers, worked with Google during development.

What solution does it offer app marketers? “Cupboard was born out of Bamboo’s curiosity,” said Bamboo and Cupboard Co-Founder Daniel Pearson. “As a mobile ad agency that spends millions per year on Google UAC, we have a real need for a simple, powerful tool that saves time and unlocks more visibility into our UAC campaigns and creatives.”

The solution pulls data from the AdWords API and incorporates proprietary technology that gives advertisers insights into creative asset data.

Why should you care? If you’re running UAC campaigns, this tool aims to expose some of the “black box” areas of UAC data, make reporting faster and ultimately make your UAC campaigns more profitable.

For example, Google sometimes pulls content from the app developer’s landing page and uses it in ad creative if the existing creative is underperforming. Advertisers aren’t alerted to this kind of dynamic update and don’t have visibility into those kinds of changes in the Google Ads UI.

Cupboard also archives creative history, including deleted creatives and aggregates ad performance across campaigns for a higher-level view of creative performance. Reports can be exported and sent to teams or clients.

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