Degree Men To Use Twitter Card Poll To Determine Shots In Game Of HORSE Between NBA All-Stars

User-generated content takes another step forward, as the deodorant brand conducts a basketball game by Twitter card votes.


This Saturday before the NBA All-Star game, Degree Men will host a televised game of HORSE between Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Washington Wizards’ John Wall.

During the challenge, the pair will complete several tough shots, culminating with a “Fan Shot” which will be determined by fans using a Twitter Card vote.


The brand has been promoting the event with several tweets, many with embedded video:

And both Wall and Curry have taken to taunting each other about the game with videos on their individual Twitter accounts:

The brand is also promoting the game on its Facebook page:


The shootout will take place February 14 at 11:00 a.m. EST on NBA TV.

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