Dream summer job alert: Get paid $10,000 to travel the country and swim in hotel pools

By Melissa Locker

Working in an office can be a major summer bummer. (Uh, no offense, boss.) While summer Fridays are nice and all, when the sun comes out, sometimes you just want to spend all day outside, ideally perched in a cabana next to the pool with a cocktail in hand and far, far from a cubicle.

If that sounds appealing (because you’re not dead inside), Hotels.com has just the job for you. The hotel review site is hiring a “Poolhop” to travel across the country and test the waters at six different hotels, including establishments in Hawaii, Florida, Vegas, L.A., New York, and the non-beach town of Colorado Springs.

The job itself is simple: Lounge by the pool, sip on fruity drinks, snap some Insta-worthy poolside photos, and report your findings to the eager fans jealously following your adventures at their desks. The Poolhop’s FOMO-inducing pics will be featured on Hotels.com and social channels to hopefully inspire other travelers to break out of their own cubicles and throw their own pool parties.

Since cocktails and selfies don’t pay the rent (not talking to you, influencers), Hotels.com is giving its Poolhop a salary of $10,000, as well as travel and lodging, which makes this pretty much the most ultimate summer job ever.

Want to apply? Well, get in line, because you have until June 25 to apply here. And, boss? You never saw this.


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