Dyson’s Lightcyle Morph is the world’s smartest lamp—and one of the best work-from-home investments you can make

By Lauren Steele

By now we all know that our body clocks and circadian rhythms, which help regulate sleep, are tied to the cycles of natural light. But with people spending so much time indoors—and with a huge sector of the population now working from home and spending even more of our lives behind closed doors—it can be tough to tap into those natural cycles.

That’s why the engineering pros at Dyson have been working on lighting technology that aims to help people sleep better and work more efficiently. Launched last year, the Singapore-based company’s Lightcycle Technology aims to bring more natural light into your life by closely mimicking the color temperature, intensity, and quality of actual sunlight.

Each lamp in the Lightcycle collection is powered by an algorithm that mixes three cool LED lights and three warm LED lights to replicate the natural light of any GPS location on the planet during a specific time of day and year. The algorithm understands your location through an accompanying app and will adjust the light accordingly every 60 seconds, in an effort to promote more restful sleep, better productivity, and more regulated natural energy cycles.

Dyson’s Lightcyle Morph is the world’s smartest lamp—and one of the best work-from-home investments you can make | DeviceDaily.com

[Photo: courtesy Dyson]

But Dyson has upped the ante with its new Lightcycle Morph. Thanks to its color-shifting bulbs, the Lightcycle Morph has the ability to transform into four different kinds of lamps. It can be used as a task light, reducing eye strain by offering up more powerful light for reading and working. It can provide indirect background light, and it can offer ambient light that specifically reduces users’ exposure to sleep-disrupting blue light. It can even be transformed into a feature lamp, for showcasing art.

The accompanying app lets users set the Morph to different modes, depending on their day. In Wake Up Mode, the light will gradually and naturally brighten. Precision Mode provides high-quality, daylight-style task lighting. Study Mode, tailored toward evening work, illuminates without the sleep-disrupting blue light. And Relax Mode offers enough light for reading while keeping things mellow. You can autocorrect the brightness based on your age.

The Morph also uses Dyson’s special Heat Pipe technology, which cools the six LEDs to protect them from discoloration and keep their light quality intact for 60 years, according to the company. To save energy, the Morph features motion sensors that switch it on when you’re near and off when you’re away for more than five minutes.

Other features include an integrated USB-C charger—so you have an extra convenient charging port—as well as a swiveling head and a magnetic bulb-docking design system that allows you to move the light 360 degrees or use the stem as a light diffuser without having to move the lamp. Pretty smart, huh?

Currently, Dyson offers two different models of the Lightcycle Morph lamp—a desk lamp and a floor lamp.

Lightcycle Morph Desk Lamp – $650
Lightcycle Morph Floor Lamp – $850

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