Earth Day: 6 methods Your accurate data Helps the Planet

April 22, 2015

Paper is responsible for 50% of your workplace waste. yearly, direct mail destroys roughly one hundred million trees. no longer simplest does this mean more waste in landfills, however it manner extra greenhouse gas emissions, water air pollution, wasted energy, and the need for more landfills.

whereas digital technology has reduced the quantity of paper, it’s still a major a part of our lives. the excellent news is reducing waste could be a easy process, and information quality can lend a hand.

listed below are six ways correct data is crucial for helping this Earth Day, and beyond.

1. be sure that your appropriate consumer contact data is up to the moment

unhealthy information in your CRM means you don’t have your customers’ appropriate information, which may end up in wasted mail going to the mistaken tackle, pointless gasoline as you pressure to the fallacious place, and extra.

Tip: With contact data continuously altering, make certain your data is fresh and up to date so that you don’t create extra waste.

2. take a look at that billing or financial institution statements are despatched to the right tackle

It takes over a hundred million gallons of gas to mail payments. think about how far more it could value if you happen to sent payments to the mistaken addresses every month. not only would you no longer get paid, but you’re wasting tons of energy and paper.

Tip: Mine the online for recent contact knowledge to maintain tackle knowledge up-to-the-minute for your CRM.

three. preserve correct stock

extra stock not best prices your organization money, but it impacts the setting. for the reason that this stock wants to move inside and out of a facility, you’re paying for extra labor, gas, and supplies for the administration of the surplus materials. Worst case, it’s important to throw out extra stock, as an example, recent produce or perishable objects. This creates extra waste, and affects the surroundings and your profitability.

Tip: easy your data monthly to make sure you can pull accurate reports to your stock. That way you order the correct quantity every time.

4. test for duplicate mail

every U.S. household throws out the an identical of 4 trees in paper waste. Don’t contribute to that number via mailing the same subject matter to the identical handle, multiple occasions. for instance, it’s very that you can think of that three or 4 of your leads stay on the similar company, at the similar office vicinity. should you multiply that by the entire totally different corporations and leads you’re prospecting, that’s a variety of replica mail to the same mailboxes.

Tip: pass take a look at duplicates in your CRM, and transcend names and e-mail addresses. take a look at mailing addresses, titles, and other an important knowledge.

5. avoid returns as a result of information mistakes

We throw away heaps of packaging annually. every year, it totals just about 39 million heaps of paper/paperboard, thirteen.7 million lots of plastics, and 10.9 million heaps of glass. With bad information, you could’t thoroughly observe the standing of a supply, and the outcome is sending applications or products to the flawed deal with, or on the incorrect time, or to the wrong identify. the buyer opens the package deal, simplest to understand it must be repackaged and shipped again. A return requires extra mailing and delivery costs, as well as wasted gas and gas to send the thing backward and forward.

Tip: check your data frequently to make sure accuracy of the shipping vicinity, and pass check it once more the buyer’s name and knowledge.

6. handle the important storage

whether or not it’s extra stock or needless gear or resources, with the aid of now not managing your knowledge effectively, you might want to be taking over unnecessary space for storing. not simplest do you need to pay for this further space, but you’re losing resources, including heating, cooling, electricity, and many others. accurate reporting with clean information is crucial to effectively managing your inventory and the essential storage that goes along with it.

Tip: the usage of robust knowledge, create a cycle counting record that pulls the continual counting process in line with the frequency of your stock and supplies.


data quality affects your carbon footprint each day, not simply Earth Day. believe how one can make a distinction on the surroundings with accurate and easy knowledge.

succeed in total knowledge high quality with the free full guide under.

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