eBay celebrates Pokémon Day with “Catch 151” auction of rare cards and collectibles

eBay celebrates Pokémon Day with “Catch 151” auction of rare cards and collectibles

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    eBay has announced a dedicated Pokémon auction, a rare chance to pick up valuable cars and collectibles.

    Dubbed Catch 151 – a play on Pokémon’s slogan of ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ and the first generations of 151 Pokémon – eBay is celebrating the annual Pokémon Day with a special action. The one-day event will feature ultra-rare cards and collectibles at supposedly accessible price points.

    eBay is known for being a ripe market for niche collectibles and has already delivered for many in the world of Pokémon. Some of the most expensive purchases in 2023 included a PSA 10 GEM MINT Charizard Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Pokémon Card 4/102 ZM1 that went for $ 217,500 and a 1999 Pokémon CGC 8 NM-MT Charizard Disco Holo Test Print Shadowless Base Set 4 that sold for $ 125,000.

    At Catch 151, the prices appear to be much more accessible to the average shopper, with prices starting from $ 1.51.

    “Pokémon Day has become an iconic moment for the community to come together and celebrate their fandom – for many Pokémon trainers, hunting down and ‘catching’ cards and collectibles on eBay is all part of the experience,” said Gene Cook, VP of Global Collectibles at eBay. “The ‘Catch 151’ event celebrates that dedication by offering one of the most incredible collections of rare, high-end collectibles in a single event.”

    What Pokémon items are on offer at Catch 151?

    As suggested by the name, the Pokémon auction is intended to pay homage to the first generation of Pokémon, meaning a lot of the collectibles featured will come from those early favorites. That includes rare Charizard cards, one of the most searched characters from the franchise on the secondhand marketplace.

    In addition, shoppers will be able to browse other rare finds, such as a collection of cards from the game’s first trading card release that includes Blastoise, Venusaur, Mewtwo, Zapdos, and more; alternate issues of the game’s most popular creatures, such as Dark Charizard, Sabrina’s Gengar, and Shining Tyranitar; and one-of-a-kind promo cards, from Corocoro Mew to last year’s “Pikachu with Gray Felt Hat,” initially released in partnership with the Van Gogh Museum.

    Outside of Pokémon cards, there will also be fashion and sporting goods products, like a Fendi x FRGMNT x Pokémon Peekaboo ISeeU Petite bag featuring Dratini and the Tiffany x Arsham Studio x Pokémon Diamond Necklace with Pikachu Pendant.

    EBay Authenticity Guarantee backs every trading card in the auction, ensuring buyers get the real deal. Catch 151 will occur on February 27, starting at 12.01 am EST. You can also watch the eBay live stream at the same time — offering a teleshopping-style look at some of the items.

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