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Euro 2016 social activity will determine Eiffel Tower’s colors
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Euro 2016 social activity will determine Eiffel Tower’s colors

Billy Steele , @wmsteele June 01, 2016


The UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament kicks off next week, and fans will have the opportunity to show their team spirit via the Eiffel Tower. Tournament sponsor Orange, a French wireless carrier, will light up the Paris landmark in the colors of the most popular team based on social media activity across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Posts will be counted from 12:01 AM until 9:30 PM local time the following evening during the month-long event set to take place in France. At that time, the team/nation with the most activity will have its colors displayed on the iconic structure.

Of course, there’s plenty of opportunities for abusive language and trollish behavior. Orange says it has a crew of moderators and only hand-picked posts will be displayed on-site, projected onto the Eiffel Tower. What’s more, the carrier says it won’t count any social updates that contain “blacklisted” words. If the 2014 World Cup was any indication, the internet loves international soccer, so there’s sure to be a flurry of activity — especially now that there’s some added incentive.


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