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‘Fallout 76’ Steel Dawn update arrives a week early
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‘Fallout 76’ Steel Dawn update arrives a week early

Richard Lawler, @Rjcc

November 25, 2020
'Fallout 76' Steel Dawn update arrives a week early |

Fallout 76 has had a weird run of issues going back to the bug during its beta that deleted the game and forced players to reinstall all 76GB. Now the game’s Steel Dawn update that was scheduled for release on December 1st is available now on all platforms, after the update accidentally went out to Xbox players.

The surprise Xbox rollout was an issue because it locked all of those players out of the game, so Bethesda quickly took down its servers, updated them for the new version and pushed it out on all platforms. A changelog is out detailing everything that’s different, including removing the penalties you’d experience for being hungry or thirsty.

This free update also adds a new questline to the game, focusing on NPCs known as the Brotherhood of Steel who are marching into Appalachia. Maybe they can link up with Netflix for some synergy around the Hillbilly Elegy release this week?