Firefox will soon warn you if you’re visiting a previously hacked site

Firefox is looking out for you. Mozilla’s web browser will soon warn users if the website they’re viewing was once a victim of hacking, according to Engadget.

Mozilla is reportedly building the new feature in conjunction with Have I Been Pwned, a site that helps consumers determine if their data has been breached, or if their credentials were stolen. Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, tweeted Wednesday, “Yes, we’re doing some awesome things with @mozilla and @haveibeenpwned,” adding, “surprised at how much positive feedback this is garnering so quickly.”

Firefox will offer a warning, but it won’t prevent users from actually entering the site. The feature is currently in its early stages, but an add-on prototype is reportedly available for download during a testing period.

Mozilla seems to be making moves to try and be a stronger competitor in the web browser space. Earlier this month, the company claimed Firefox is now twice as fast as it was six months ago and uses 30% less memory than Google’s Chrome browser. It also showcased a new slick redesign–one that features sharper edges and darker tones. Currently, Google Chrome dominates the market, at roughly 54%, with Safari following at 14%. Firefox, meanwhile, remains at 6%.


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