Flexispot V9 Desk Bike: Keep Moving While Working

Flexispot V9 Desk Bike: Keep Moving While Working

Flexispot V9 Desk Bike: Keep Moving While Working | DeviceDaily.com


More of us are finding we are sitting for longer periods of time at our desks — even more so while working from home. The sedentary lifestyle is not doing any of us any good. Beyond a standing desk, I decided it was time for me to do something more than just choosing not to sit.

After researching desk bikes, I found the FlexiSpot V9 desk bike. Here are my thoughts on how it worked for me.

About the V9 Desk Bike

The bike is made to fit under a desk so you can bike, check your emails, and carry on with your work. I have even used it on a conference call. But, you can also use it while watching TV or listening to music.

You can add on the desktop, which is adjustable for your comfort level. The surface can hold a laptop, tablet, or book.

Flexispot V9 Desk Bike: Keep Moving While Working | DeviceDaily.com

This desk bike looks a lot like a traditional home exercise bike. It has a padded saddle seat, platform pedals, and an LCD data panel that shows the speed, distance, and calories burned.

It is made of plastic and has metal down tubes. You can choose to get it in black or white.

The bike has eight resistance levels that are easy to adjust. These go from light activity to a more intense workout. The bike features also include an adjustable seat to accommodate everyone from 5’1” or 6’2.”

Ways to Use It

First, you can use the FlexiSpot has a normal stationary exercise bike. There is a cup holder for a water bottle that works well when you are peddling your way through a workout.

Pros and Cons

There are many things to like about this desk bike. First, it’s easy to move the bike around the house thanks to four caster wheels that have a 360-degree swivel.

Second, it’s so simple to put it together, which is always important to me. That’s because it’s already put together out of the box. If you get the desktop, it’s a one-step attachment with no tools necessary.

Third, it’s comfortable to sit on for an extended amount of time. The cushioning in the seat provides a great feel while riding the bike.

Finally, it’s quiet and a smooth, easy ride. That’s why it’s been easy to bike while on a conference call because no one can here me.

In terms of any cons, the bike does wobble a bit as you pedal, which can be a bit distracting if you are trying to type, read, or work. I think it works best if you are on a conference call, watching Netflix, or scrolling through your social media.

Flexispot V9 Desk Bike: Keep Moving While Working | DeviceDaily.com

In the Box

You get the desk bike and the table, if you have ordered it.

Where to Buy

You can find this bike on the FlexiSpot desk bike site.  It is priced at $ 299.99 without the desktop or $ 50 more with the desktop. They also offer a code on their site that gives you another $ 50 off. You can also find it on Amazon for the reduced price of $ 249.

Final Thoughts

This bike is reasonably priced and provides a good alternative to a sedentary work day. It also provides the simultaneous benefit of exercising and working so you can’t say you don’t have time to exercise!

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