For Honor – Season One Faction War Ends With Viking Victory

For Honor – Season One Faction War Ends With Viking Victory

The first season of For Honor’s Faction War has drawn to a close, and the Vikings stand triumphant over the defeated Knights and Samurai. Viking players received one exclusive Ornament for each Hero, the Season Winner Golden emblem outline, and five Scavenger Crates. The Samurai, in second place, received four Scavenger Crates and the Silver Emblem outline. Finally, the Knights received three Scavenger Crates and the Bronze Emblem outline. Don’t feel too bad for the factions that didn’t win, though – they’ll get a fresh shot at victory when a new Faction War begins across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you haven’t spent the past 10 weeks crossing blades with opponents and winning glory for your chosen faction, the Faction War counts everyone’s performance in multiplayer matches – regardless of platform – toward the success of the faction each player chose when they began the game. If you pledged to fight for the Samurai, for example, each match against other players contributes toward helping the Samurai expand their territory across the world map, which is persistent across all platforms. Good match performance earns players War Assets – which can be deployed in specific territories to give your faction an edge – along with periodic and end-of-season rewards that vary depending on where your faction ranks against the others.

Interestingly, the Vikings didn’t win by strength of numbers. In fact, they were the smallest faction in Season One, with just 30% of the player base as opposed to the Samurai (39%) and the Knights (31%). The Vikings deployed the most War Assets, but only by a slim margin; 33.87% of all deployed War Assets came from Vikings, while the Samurai unleashed 33.14% and the Knights used 32.99%. (As a side note, the number of War Assets earned by each player per game is weighted by how many participants are in that player’s faction.) Vikings also led the field in manually deploying their assets, rather than letting the computer assign them; 47% of Viking War Assets were manually deployed, as opposed to 45% of Knight War Assets and 44% of Samurai assets.

The first Faction War might be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break. Read on for tips on what you can do while you prepare for the next war.


There’s plenty for battle-hardened players to tackle between now and the start of the next Faction War. For starters, the Faction War hasn’t really ended; a new round will start up during the off-season, and although the progress you make won’t affect the overall war efforts, joining in at least once makes you eligible for faction rewards, including Scavenger Crates. Speaking of rewards, you may want to charge out and wrap up any outstanding Orders – which now combine progress from both PvP and PvE battles – and bank more Steel to prepare for future offerings.


Or maybe you’re tired of fighting for the Vikings (or the Samurai, or the Knights)? Is it time to hang up your blades and retire? Of course not! The off-season is a chance to switch your allegiance to a new faction. Perhaps you’d like to switch to a side that knows how to use their War Assets a little more effectively. Maybe you’d just like to see what it’s like on one of the other two teams, or join your friends who sided with a different faction. Whatever your reasons, now’s the perfect time to switch your allegiance.

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